Love ~ 'a telephone call' Tokko : Season 1 Episode 7

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Sakura relieves her memories of meeting with Inukai and her sister prior to joining TOKKO. After TOKKO's clash against Gaki demons, Ranmaru receives an anoynymous call from a mysterious person who could provide him information as to the true reasons behind the events behind the Machida massacre years ago. During his investigation, he is suddenly attacked by a lone Phantom demon in the nearby park, specifically the 13th Phantom demon. Later on, he is saved by Sakura and her TOKKO comrade, Inukai when the two killed the 13th Phantom. In a conversation between Ranmaru and Sakura, she warns him not to continue getting involved in fighting the demons anymore. Ranmaru is left baffled by her strange warning. Sakura is left to believe, at first, that some people in the Public Security Investigation Agency were responsible for Ranmaru's appearance in the park

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