Sorrow ~ 'who kills my brother' Tokko : Season 1 Episode 6

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In a closed meeting with Councilor Ogata, Superintendent Ibuki discloses to her superior that Ranmaru is a possible symbiote, telling him that she'll have him killed if it has to be the case. Later on, Ibuki informs Kureha to see if Ranmaru has the symbiote inside of him. Back in the TOKKO office, it was business as usual until Muramasa informs Ranmaru to entertain Kunikida, who didn't go to work since he was pissed off at the NPA officials for denying his search warrant on the forensic building. Ranmaru was about to tell Kunikida what happened at the forensic building last night when Kureha arrived on her motorbike. The two went out to visit a carnival and a cemetery, laying a flower on two graves. Kureha tells Ranmaru that the graves belong to her parents and her younger brother, who were killed in the aftermath of the Machida massacre. From their conversation, Kureha found out that Ranmaru had the symbiote, but cautioned him to think it over if he would want the symbiote to awaken inside him, with the chance of being converted into a demon. When asked by Ranmaru on what happened to her younger brother, Akito, Kurehad joked that he was killed. But as the two went back to the city, Kureha cried with her motorbike helmet concealing it and the truth was discovered: She had to kill him when Akito's symbiote made him insane and converted him into a Gaki Phantom demon.

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