Phantom ~ 'a father, all alone' Tokko : Season 1 Episode 5

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Covering the incident of Ranmaru involving a car accident as a cover story, Ranmaru encounters Saya in his hospital room. She warned him not to get further involved into what had happened to him near the forensic building last night. Kunikida, thought to have granted a request to investigate the forensic building for evidence to suggest that TOKKO was concealing evidence from the public, which was denied by top National Police Agency officials. Yukino then visited Ranmaru back in the Shibuya police station, warning him that her father was researching on the strange creatures that Ranmaru had encountered before. Wanting to quell his suspicions, he requests a meeting with Dr. Shirashi, who fills him on the legend of the Box of Dirge, the artifact that the alchemists used in the Middle Ages to connect the human world with the underworld, only that demons were summoned from the box. Ranmaru found out that the Box of Dirge broke into 108 pieces, living inside each Phantom demon. The story made Ranmaru even more suspicious of Dr. Shirashi and when he entered the abandoned Special Organisms Laboratory, only to discover that the chief researcher himself had consumed parts of the demon hand that police found near the scene of the Machida massacre, turning him and his research staff into half-human/demon hybrids. Before the mad Dr. Shirashi could kill Ranmaru, Yukino was critically wounded when she interfered by blocking Dr. Shirashi's attacks on Ranmaru. The mad scientist tried to escape, only to be killed by two unknown people (known as the Araragi siblings in the manga). Kureha and Sakura raid the forensic building to secure Ranmaru from harm, killing the half-human/demon hybrids instead.

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