Bond ~ 'moments would be lost' Tokko : Season 1 Episode 3

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With the recent attacks on police officers by the possessed human-like zombies and Ranmaru's near fatal death from one of them a few days ago, he began to reflect about what happened from his first day of duty as a TOKKO detective and on the Machida massacre, especially on the mysterious tattoo that appeared on his right arm. Concerned about where it came from and how it showed up, Saya took him to a nearby police hospital to be checked up on. While waiting for the results of his checkup, Ranmaru sneaks inside a PSIA-guarded hospital ward that housed Sakura's younger brother, who was almost a victim in the Machida incident. Later on, Phantom-controlled larvas infiltrated the hospital and possessed some of the hospital's medical personnel to assassinate Saya. Even though Ranmaru tried to protect her by firing her revolver on the possessed humans, Sakura came to the rescue and killed them. The incident had promptly forced the police to seal off the entire building and cover the entire incident by blaming it on insane patients inside the hospital. In order to take their minds off from the assassination attempt, Ranmaru and Saya went out on for dinner, only to find their boss Kunikida as an uninvited guest.

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